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Introducing our first outdoor class June 13th this Saturday 10 am with Chava Curland!

Yes, it's true! In-person yoga every other Saturday including today June 26th at 10 am. Weather looks beautiful this morning so please join us and arrive a little before 10 am so we may start on time. Here are the guidelines for attending our outdoor yoga classes:

  1. Students should bring their own water, mat, and towel (grass could be dewy). 
  2. Yoga mats will be placed 10 feet apart.  
  3. Please do not attend class if you are sick. 
  4. If you need hand sanitizer, please carry some with you.
  5. Wearing a mask during class will not be expected but we ask that you wear a mask before and after. 
  6. If you have allergies or other medical conditions we expect you to carry your own First Aid kit and supplies.
  7. We look forward to socializing and request physical distancing for everyone's safety.
  8. We are sorry, but restrooms are not available so please plan accordingly.
  9. We will not be able to take payment on-site. If necessary, please make your purchase at our website prior to class!

Hope to see you there!

Located near the corner of Asbury and Albany adjacent to the northbound on-ramp to Snelling from Como Ave. It is near the back parking lot which can be accessed via Albany, or the alleyway parallel to Como entered from Arona.

Regular live-streaming classes all weekend. 

Saturday 9 am Restorative Yoga with Sheila:

Sunday 5 pm Vinyasa with Chava:

Newest YouTube Video Restorative Yoga with Sheila:

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