Class Fees

Drop By: $18

If you are new and just checking us out, or if you’re not quite ready to make a regular weekly commitment to your practice, there’s always the drop-by.

Take 5: $75

This class pass is perfect for those who plan to take 5 classes within 60 days. Great gift idea to introduce your friends and family to Bliss!  

Dharma Dozen: $135

For those on the path! This is the card for our regular students who take one class per week. Good for 12 classes within four months (120 days). With 26 classes per week to choose from, you will never be without yoga. 

Tara 21: $210

We are happy to announce our newest pass! The Tara 21 is a good option for those who are away for extended periods of time.  And at $10 per class, it's ideal for anyone who wants a great price on yoga. Good for 21 classes within seven months (that's 210 days)

Monthly Unlimited: $89 (must sign up in person)

This membership allows you access to every class every day. If you are interested in purchasing a monthly unlimited pass we ask you to sign-up at the studio. There's some paperwork, including signing up for a monthly auto-debit. Talk to your teacher and get the best deal in town!

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