Class Descriptions

Restorative Yoga

with Sheila Burns, Anna Duus and Tina Graham

A powerful and restorative yoga that releases muscle tension starting at the base of the spine and moving upward. By the end of your first class you will feel the changes in your body; greater flexibility, relief from neck, shoulder and back pain, reduced stress, greater energy and mental clarity, deeper sleep. 75 or 90 minute class. This class is appropriate for all levels including beginners.

Strengthen and Restore

with Sheila Burns

In this class, restorative and classical hatha yoga poses are sequenced with breath to build strength and release muscle tension and stiffness. Moving the body in every direction, students will be guided to find the ease and "sweetness" in every pose. This class is appropriate for all levels and GREAT FOR BEGINNERS. 

Slow Flow Vinyasa

Chava Curland and Jessica Winters

This all-level vinyasa class creates a sacred, meditative space and flows through postures with mindful intention. A combination of salutations, standing flows, seated postures, meditation and deep relaxation, Slow Flow Vinyasa is a perfect way to wind down your day or your weekend. 75 minutes 


Chava Curland, Adam Frydenlund, and Jessica Winters

Awaken the body and ignite the breath in this 75-minute vinyasa class. Synchronizing breath to movement, we will explore poses that strengthen, detoxify and calm. Balanced sequences with specific attention to alignment include sun salutations, standing and seated postures. Variations of postures will be offered to meet and support students where they are in their individual practice; this class is suitable for all-levels. 


Yoga for Stronger Bones

with Sheila Burns


Warm Yoga 

with Adam Frydenlund

These 75 minute classes are done in a room heated to 85 degrees. Including Vinyasa-style flowing postures, static postures, and a sequence that strengthens, balances and brings flexibility to the whole body, these classes will challenge you and yet are accessible for beginners. Adam's skill and approach to teaching include body/mind/spirit.  

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