Ayurveda Fall Rejuvenation and Cleanse


Ayurveda Fall Rejuvenation and Cleanse

October 25th 1 - 4 pm

with Nora Beckjord


Ayurvedic cleansing is about creating a life-practice that can heal, nourish and sustain you so that you transition from one season to the next without feeling the effects of the seasonal changes. Many cleanses offer magic-bullet, fast-acting approaches but they do not address the deeper imbalances of body, mind, and emotions for the long term. An Ayurvedic cleanse helps to cultivate a foundation of optimum health and balance. It works in a subtle, deep way to prepare you for the upcoming season and beyond. A fall cleanse is not a fast- it helps to nourish the tissues and satisfy the mind as you release toxins (ama)from the body and undigested thoughts from the mind.

As we move into the fall season, it’s the ideal time to embrace the Ayurvedic principals for sustainable health to prepare for the long Minnesota winter. The fall rejuvenation cleanse is simple and easy to follow no matter what your schedule. And you will not be hungry!

In this three hour workshop, we will explore what Ayurveda is, discover our own Prakruti (body-type) and where we are imbalanced (Vikruti). We’ll make a delicious batch of kitchari for lunch and review the cleanse that will last approximately 21 days. You will have support throughout the cleanse through a closed Facebook group and 24/7 email and phone support. There will also be Ayurveda products available for sale at a discount. Space is limited so please enroll early. 

Taught by Nora Beckjord, CSYT, Certified Yoga Ayurveda Specialist (Himalayan Institute) and Certified in Ayurveda Massage and Shirodhara
Nora is a Certified Svaroopa® yoga Teacher, teaching since 2009. Her yoga practice led her to the study of Ayurveda. “I wanted to integrate Ayurveda into my yoga practice because I have always been interested in achieving optimum health and also curious about Ayurveda. The more I learn about this amazing science, the more I want to pass the teachings on to others.”


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