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  • Special Offer on Yoga Therapy Sessions!


    Now through May 31st, we are offering a great introductory price for Embodyment® Yoga Therapy.

    Embodyment® Yoga therapy is a hands-on technique that brings a greater sense of awareness and consciousness to your body. As a result of this increased awareness, you will feel more “enlivened” and areas of your body that were previously tight or numb will begin to open up. Some people say they experience a change in their body equivalent to six or more Restorative Yoga classes.

    For more information and to schedule your sessions please speak with Sheila Burns, Nora Beckjord and Tina Graham. To register online, visit the Yoga Therapy page on this website.

  • We are closed for Easter Sunday!

    Due to low registration for our Easter Sunday classes, we are closing for the day so that our teachers have time with their families. We wish you a happy day!

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